Frank Booth is a foul-mouthed, sociopath criminal who has kidnapped the son and husband of nightclub singer Dorothy Vallens in exchange for sexual favors.


One night, sometime after kidnapping Dorothy's son and husband, Frank went to her apartment, where he verbally and sexually assaulted her, inhaling a gas as he did so.

He later visited The Slow Club to watch Dorothy perform "Blue Velvet" while he sat, tearfully cradling a piece of blue fabric he cut from Dorothy's robe during the assault.

A few nights later, Frank spotted Jeffrey Beaumont leaving Dorothy's apartment. He took Jeffrey for a joyride, stopping at This Is It to see Ben. They drank to his "fuck" and Frank requested the "candy-colored clown the call the sandman," and Ben began to lip-synch to "In Dreams." He soon departed with the group to continue the joyride.

When Frank began to assault Dorothy again, Jeffrey punched him. Angered, Frank and his gang dragged Jeffrey out of the car and began to beat him with "In Dreams" playing on the car radio.

Days later, as Frank's apartment was being assaulted, he returned to Dorothy's where, he saw Jeffrey outside, and overheard on the radio that he was hiding in the bedroom. However, after a search, he found that he was not in there and began randomly shooting around the apartment. He approached the closet and upon opening it, Jeffrey shot him in the head, immediately killing him.